Calculus of several variables by Goffman C.

By Goffman C.

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Here is an example. E. Shilov, one of his former students as well as a dose friend and collaborator, is lecturing and writing on the blackboard a linear differential equation with coefficient depending on t. ” “But Israel Moiseevich”, Shilov explains, “It’s more general this way, the proofs are much more complicated. ” “Israel Moiseevich, it’s more difficult, and very non trivial. ” I also recall other examples of this type. In some cases Gelfand gave the lecturer three minutes in which to state some result.

Tel Aviv, December 1988 Philosophical-Mathematical Tales A Personal Account I. Gohberg I am not an expert in philosophy. More than that I disliked philosophy in my student years, when a third of my study time was spent studying MarxistLeninist philosophy. During my studies for the third degree, I was forced to read a considerable amount of works of Marx, Lenin, Stalin and Mao. In general I was disappointed by their philosophies. I did not like the way they substantiated their main statements. I could not accept proofs such as “it cannot be because it can never be”.

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