Athabasca’s Going Unmanned: An Ethnodrama About Incarcerated by Diane Conrad (auth.), Diane Conrad (eds.)

By Diane Conrad (auth.), Diane Conrad (eds.)

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VAL (To Randy) Come’on. You’re okay (More a statement than question). ” She presses a button on the pod and speaks into the speaker. VAL Door 200 please. Athabasca’s going unmanned. ” A pause. Then the Pshshsht sound of the door unlocking. The lights go off as they push open the door and exit through it. They walk into the corridor. VAL (Ordering Wesley and Stan) Walk ahead. Stan and Wesley walk ahead. Val follows with Randy, still holding him by one arm. VAL (Angry) You guys better get your act together if you want to do any programs.

Must be missin’em now. RANDY (Lightening up) Ya, sure. They’re fly. WESLEY Word. 46 SCENE 9 - ESCAPE PLOT INCEPTION RANDY But there’s things I’m missin’ more. WESLEY Like what? RANDY Like . . smoke. I’m jonesin’ for some bud. e. patience) dude. There’s ways . . Tobacco’s worse. It’s cold turkey in here. I was shakin’ for a month. What else? RANDY Partyin’. Bein’ able to come ‘n go. Money in my pocket. Eat what I want. My clothes, man. These blues’re chapt. Not use to being cooped up all day. Not sleepin’ so good.

RANDY What? He’s the one . . VAL You almost made me call code. That’s the kind of behavior that jeopardizes our programs. Is that what you want? RANDY (Defensively) No. I . . VAL I thought you were smarter than that. He pushed your buttons and you played right into it. 19 ACT ONE RANDY Just wan’ed to . . Didn’ think he’d trip like that. VAL Wise up. Pause. RANDY Am I in trouble? VAL I’ll have to write up an incident report for your file. Wesley provoked you. You lost your temper. But fight avoided.

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