Asynchronous Android Programming by Helder Vasconcelos

By Helder Vasconcelos

About This Book

  • Construct scalable and performant purposes to use multi-thread asynchronous techniques
  • Explore the high-level Android asynchronous constructs to be had at the Android SDK
  • Choose the main acceptable asynchronous strategy to enforce your subsequent remarkable feature

Who This booklet Is For

This e-book is for Android builders who are looking to how to construct multithreaded and trustworthy Android purposes utilizing high-level and complicated asynchronous suggestions and concepts.

What you'll Learn

  • Get acquainted with the Android technique version and low-level concurrent and multithread constructs on hand at the Android SDK
  • Use AsyncTask to load info within the historical past, offering growth leads to the meantime
  • Enhance UI functionality and responsiveness through sending paintings to a carrier working within the background
  • Defer, time table, and batch paintings at the Android method with out compromising the battery existence and consumer experience
  • Use the JNI interface to execute concurrent paintings on local layer
  • Pull and push information out of your community servers utilizing the Google GCM platform
  • Create and compose initiatives with RxJava to execute complicated asynchronous paintings in a predictable way
  • Get acquainted with using the Android Loader build to bring up to date results

In Detail

Asynchronous programming has received mammoth value in Android programming, specifically after we need to make use of the variety of self sustaining processing devices (cores) to be had at the most modern Android units. first of all, we'll speak about the main points of the Android strategy version and the Java low-level concurrent framework, brought by means of the Android SDK. subsequent, we'll speak about the production of IntentServices, sure companies, and exterior prone, that may run within the historical past even if the person isn't really interacting with them. In a extra complicated part, you are going to create heritage projects which are capable of execute CPU-intensive projects in local code–making use of the Android NDK.

You might be then guided during the means of interacting with distant prone asynchronously utilizing the HTTP protocol or Google GCM Platform. eventually, we are going to introduce RxJava, a well-liked asynchronous Java framework used to compose paintings in a concise and reactive way.

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15 ] Asynchronous Programming in Android Liveness issues in concurrent programs Liveness can be thought of as the ability of the application to do useful work and make progress towards goals. Liveness problems tend to be an unfortunate side effect of the solution to the correctness problems. Both properties should be achieved in a proper concurrent program, notwithstanding the correctness is concerned with making progress in a program preventing a deadlock, livelock, or starvation from happening, and the correctness is concerned with making consistent and correct results.

Runnable, and the synchronized and volatile keywords. These constructs are the most basic building blocks to achieve concurrency and parallelism, and all the high-level asynchronous constructs are created around these building blocks. Thread to create our own independent line of execution. start(); At this time, we will create an instance of our MyThread, and when we start it in the second line, the system creates a thread inside the process and executes the run() method. getId()); // Do your work here ...

The final challenge then lies in safely synchronizing background threads with the main thread so that the main thread can update the user interface with the results of the background work. If the developer has access to an Activity instance, the runOnUiThread instance method can be used to update the UI from a background thread. The method accepts a Runnable object like the one used to create an execution task for a thread: public final void runOnUiThread (Runnable) In the following example, we are going to use this facility to publish the result from a synonym search that was processed by a background thread.

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