Asterix et les Goths by Rene Goscinny

By Rene Goscinny

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Then the person may go back to where he started and try to meet himself, court himself and marry himself. Of course when the person returns to his Self his line of vision is distorted by serial refractions through others, firstly outside and then inside his family, and all the time through the others inside as well ~s outside his mind (a sense of difference if not a defining awareness is always there). Finally, however, when this project has been accomplished, Self meets himself in a deserted inner world- all the others have shrivelled up with the irradiation effects of his spirit and he wanders alone in the wasteland, finding sustenance in the stone he sucks and the ash ingested by the pores of his skin.

So persons A and B disappear into a composite personal entity A-B. Then person C comes along but C is only an apparent third since A and B are more really one than two persons. In this case C, an illusory person, has a 'relationship' with B who, as B, is of course also illusory. 'A' then becomes disturbed by 'C's' 'relationship' with 'B', but 'jealousy' in this case means that A sees himself with C's eyes (that is to say Cis really A looking at A: the violence by which A and B have eliminated their separate realities extends to C, who ceases to be himself, whoever he was, and unwittingly becomes a hitherto refused self-reflective embodiment of A).

Now it seems to me that the illusory character of this postal-package theory of love derives from an oversimplification in understanding the full structure of the act of loving. This act subsumes the following experimental moments if we take the case of person A loving person B: A internalizes a more or less 'whole picture' of B over a certain period of time; the time, in clock terms, may be years or seconds - the latter because loving need not imply long-term formation or long-term commitment to this particular two-person relationship which would involve many considerations above the base-line of love.

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