Assessment-Center by Martin Kleinmann.

By Martin Kleinmann.

Personalauswahl und Personalentwicklung sind zentrale Aufgaben des HR-Managements. Assessment-Center, die zunehmend Verbreitung im deutschen Sprachraum finden, leisten seit vielen Jahren wertvolle Hilfe bei der Bewältigung dieser Aufgaben. Dieser Band gibt einen Überblick über verschiedene Ansätze dieser Methode und stellt alle notwendigen Vorüberlegungen, Ablaufschritte und Folgeprozesse zur Durchführung und  Read more...

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Lawsuits begin in trial courts, in which parties call witnesses and present evidence and in which judges or juries pronounce verdicts. However, in many cases trials are not the end of the story for losing parties. Those who do not emerge victorious at a trial may frequently have a possibility of appeal. The actual characteristics of the right of appeal vary widely de- Appeal 21 pending on the type of proceeding involved—whether it is a criminal or civil case, for example—and the particular jurisdiction in question.

Congress passed a law denying highway funds to states with drinking ages under twenty-one, and the Supreme Court upheld this law as constitutional. As a result, all states raised the drinking age to twenty-one. However, the power to regulate alcohol still remains with the states. A more complex issue involves the age of majority and how it relates to the rights of minors. Complications have arisen when authorities have decided to try minors as if they were adults, making them subject to full adult criminal punishment.

This latter right was written into the Constitution of the United States to keep officers from coercing ar- Arrest 33 restees into confessing to a crime. ” Historically, arrestees were often physically assaulted or tortured in order to obtain confessions. S. Supreme Court case Miranda v. Arizona (1966) established that arrestees must be notified of their rights under the Constitution. They must be aware that they are entitled to an attorney and that if they cannot afford an attorney, one will be provided for them by the court.

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