Angels A to Z: A Who's Who of the Heavenly Host by Matthew Bunson

By Matthew Bunson

Amid the veritable choirs of renowned angel books, this can be the single person who bargains authentic info on each side of angel lore. the following eventually is a close reference for someone who desires to ultimately get the directly dope on all points of angel arcana. forty photographs.

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And in Ezra (8:16), where it is the name of a man. There is also a long-standing tradition that Ariel is an angel, the name meaning “lion of God”; although he is variously described as a member of the angelic hierarchy, he is also at times placed among the evil angels. He is thus, variously, an angel companion of Raphael in his efforts to assist humanity and, in John Milton’s Paradise Lost, one of the fallen angels who is routed by the stern and obedient seraph Abdiel during the war in heaven.

According to Hebrew legend, the name Anabona was heard by Moses when the Lawgiver was given the Ten Commandments. ANAEL See under Haniel ANAFIEL Also called Anaphiel, he is the leader of the eight superior angels of the Merkabah, the mystical Jewish conception of ascending heavens. In this role, Anafiel has the high honorific role of serving as chief bearer of the seal and the keeper of the key to heaven’s halls. According to the Third Book of Enoch, it was this angel who carried the great patriarch Enoch to heaven, where the latter was turned into the all-powerful angel Metatron.

In another source, the Papyri Graecae Magicae (“Papyrus of Greek Magic”), there are five archons, their names for the most part far better known than the other Gnostic list: Uriel, Gabriel, Michael, Raphael, and Shamuil. ARIEL An angel or spirit best known as a character in William Shakespeare’s The Tempest. ” Ariel performs a number of tasks for Prospero but eventually receives his freedom after ensuring at the end of the work that the royal fleet—bearing Prospero—reaches home safely. ”); and in Ezra (8:16), where it is the name of a man.

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