An Instrument in God's Hand : An Eye Surgeon's Discovery of by Elizabeth Vaughan

By Elizabeth Vaughan

An device in God's Hand : an eye fixed Surgeon's Discovery of The fantastic

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An Instrument in God's Hand : An Eye Surgeon's Discovery of The Miraculous

An device in God's Hand : an eye fixed Surgeon's Discovery of The mind-blowing

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Isaiah 40:31 45 An Instrument in God’s Hand If that little bird will just wait patiently until he has grown big enough and strong enough, until his master decides that the time is right and opens the door for him, then he can have all his feathers intact, his wings whole and the strength he needs to fly high. If you are an instrument on God’s tray, He is the one and the only one who decides when and how to use you. The decision is not yours. Leave it with Him. From a surgeon’s perspective, I can tell you that there are instruments I rarely use, but when I need them, I really need them!

In that moment, life flooded into her with such energy that she jumped over the bed rail, ran out the door and down the hall. The nurse who had been taking care of her took one look at her and ran off screaming: “It’s a ghost! ” No one could believe what they were seeing. Gertrude had never walked as long as any of the hospital staff could remember her from her multiple visits. Now, suddenly, she needed her shoes. What a miracle God had done! They kept Gertrude in the hospital for three days and did a whole series of tests on her, and every test showed that she was completely normal.

In the middle of the eye). He was taken to surgery right away where I made a small incision in the outer layers of the eye. Then I used a large magnet positioned over this incision to pull the piece of metal to it. The metal was thus removed, and the man’s eye saved. We were all happy with the outcome. The next time I did surgery I asked the nurse for the needleholder to sew up an incision. Every time I tried to position the small metal needle correctly in the needle-holder, however, it suddenly seemed to have a mind of its own.

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