Aeiou by Jeffrey Brown

By Jeffrey Brown

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And Zephyr, to protect your people, you took on your own shoulders the responsibility to succeed where your ancestors failed. Even if you’re right, Little Prince, I can’t bring myself to tell you about the Great Wind of Legend. You won’t have to. Thanks to the Snake, I know where to go now. You’ll be proud of your son, Grandmaster. 43 Let’s go right away. The ice is at the gates of the city! Zephyr, Foehn, I need your talents! Are you sure about this? Remember what happened to the pirate the last time!

Hey. . did you just make a joke? The situation is as hopeless as that? It’s them! The real pirates! The wind is going to fall because of their music, and us with it! Listen! It’s the melody that we heard when Foehn’s aircraft crashed! 30 Aahhhh . . 31 Grrr... Wicked pirates, they nearly killed us! If I get my paws on them . . Oof... Look! They’ve also gotten rid of the guards. Think about it, Fox--that was the only way for them to free us. Bah. Well, tell them there are still some left! Wait, what.

And give in to his blackmail? You are wilier than I thought, Fox . . Why don’t you tell us the real reason why you refuse to talk about the Wind of Legend? Once, I sought the legend as passionately as Zephyr. I joined my father in all his adventures, even the last one, when he sacrificed himself for me. Zephyr is young and idealistic. Chasing after the Great Wind of Legend won’t teach him how to rule the city when I’m no longer here! Have you ever opened your feelings like this to your son? It was heartbreaking, but I will never again let that wicked dream take away another person that I love.

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