Advanced Perl Programming by Sriram Srinivasan

By Sriram Srinivasan

No matter if your wisdom of Perl is informal or deep, this booklet will make you a extra finished programmer. It covers advanced options for dealing with production-ready Perl courses and explains equipment for manipulating information and items which could have gave the look of magic prior to. in addition, it units Perl within the context of a bigger surroundings, giving you the history you would like for facing networks, databases, and GUIs. it is usually a dialogue of internals that can assist you software extra successfully and embed Perl inside C or C inside of Perl. significant issues contain the sensible use of programs and periods (object-oriented programming), complicated facts constructions, patience (e.g., utilizing a database), networking, graphical interfaces utilizing the Tk toolkit, interplay with c programming language services, embedding and increasing the Perl interpreter, and chosen internals.

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3]. This series contains a motley collection of topics that crop up on the Perl Usenet groups. I admire them for their lucid, patient, and detailed explanations and recommend that you read them at some point. ) Some of them are now packaged with the Perl distribution; in particular, the perldsc (data structures cookbook) document is a tutorial for building and manipulating complex structures. Before we start the examples, we will study what it takes to create structures à la C or C++. 1 User-Defined Structures The struct declaration in C provides a notion of user-defined types (though it doesn't quite have first-class status, like an int), and a typedef statement is then used to alias it to a new type name.

5 Symbolic References Normally, a construct such as $$var indicates that $var is a reference variable, and the programmer expects this expression to return the value that was pointed to by $var when the references were taken. What if $var is not a reference variable at all? Instead of complaining loudly, Perl checks to see whether $var contains a string. If so, it uses that string as a regular variable name and messes around with this variable! Consider the following: $x = 10; $var = "x"; $$var = 30; # Modifies $x to 30 , because $var is a symbolic # reference !

Mon 7-8 is the 0th bit, Mon 6-7pm is 11, ... Fri 6-7 (pm) is 60th. my %base_hours = ( mon => 0, tue => 12, wed => 24 , thu => 36, fri => 48 ); sub interval_parse { my ($interval_sequence) = @_; #contains "Mon 3-5, Tue 2-6" my ($time_range) = ""; foreach $day_hours (split /,/, $interval_sequence) { # $day_hours contains "Mon 3-5" etc. *(\d+)-(\d+)/); # if $from or $to is less than 7, it must be afternoon. Normalize # it by adding 12. Then reduce it to a zero base by subtracting 7 # (that is, 7 hrs to 19 hrs becomes 0 - 12.

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