A Roll of Thunder From the Void: Vajrakila texts of the by Martin J. Boord, Rig-'Dzin Rdo-Rje, Rig-'Dzin Rgod-Ldem,

By Martin J. Boord, Rig-'Dzin Rdo-Rje, Rig-'Dzin Rgod-Ldem, Rig-'Dzin Padma 'Phrin-Las

This crucial number of teachings from the Northern Treasures Vajrakila cycle contains liturgical perform texts (sadhana) from the unique treasure revelations, including explanatory notes and commentaries via the seventeenth century grasp Padma 'phrin-las on the way to take those practices right into a closed retreat and hire them for the top good thing about oneself and all residing beings. Having turn into empowered within the mandala of Vajrakila by means of a grasp guru, trainees may perhaps use the skillful esoteric thoughts, defined herein, so that it will advance a profound experiential simple task of the real nature of truth. those texts are manuals, designed to be studied via disciplined people who desire to teach themselves in skilful altruism. they're conventional tools for overcoming the instincts of egoistic self-interest, permitting the brain to turn into focussed at the basic welfare of the realm, in order that priceless alterations of serious social price can be caused in either inspiration and behavior. Painstakingly researched and annotated, this quantity contains English translations of 8 very important texts, including a lot of the unique Tibetan. in the directions for the education and defense of the retreat quarter are hitherto unpublished information of the ability to suppress many of the sessions of afflicting demons (sri) which are strength reasons of downfall for all tantric yogins. this is often an historical and very important point of vajrayana ritual perform that has been a lot ignored formerly.

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A·q�9·�q·l�·� ��·�q-�ii-l�·q �l·lii-l·q�q�� �'��'�'ii-l��'$'� HOI;I You, the most excellent deity, please pay heed to me! For as long as sarhsara is not emptied, I promise always to act for the benefit of sen­ tient beings and to develop bodhicitta. BODHICITTASAMAYAS TVAM. J·:c�·l��·� '" '" HUM A LA LA HOl:! BHAGAVAN SAMAYA HOl:! SAMAYAS TVAM. e. rU\n '-i> " " The blessings of all of you must descend upon this meditation malJqala! Your empowerments must be bestowed upon we diligent yogins! Your blessings must descend upon these sacred articles of vows and practice!

Moving through the sky between heaven and earth, he burns the entire traidhatuka. He inflicts infectious diseases upon man and beast and devours the sun and the moon. His natural home is in the southwest but, when inter­ cepting the moon, he moves towards the east and, when intercepting the sun, he moves towards the west. When he dwells at the bottom of the ocean, he agitates all the naga so that they send forth lightning, hail and earthquakes. He is described as the great demon of the five ele­ ments and, in Chapter IV of his tantra, he is called by a different name and said to perform a different act of wickedness in every direction.

Xxxi xxxii Furthermore, another skull that had been used in such a ritual, dated circa 750-850 CE, was recently recovered during an archaeolog­ ical dig excavating a Tibetan tomb sanctuary at Kexiaotu, Dulan County. 35. And the skulls of horses, wild ass, yaks, goats, dogs, marmots, and humans, all inscribed with spells of supression against the Sri, have been unearthed in large numbers along the route of the recently-completed Qinghai-Tibet railway. With no master the calibre of kLong-chen pa currently available to take care of such archaeological finds, it is surely of no surprise to read the report in The Times newspaper, London, 15th August 2006, headlined: Beijing pledges 'a fight to the death' with Dalai Lama.

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