A Dictionary of Urdu, Classical Hindi and English (1884 by John Thompson Platts

By John Thompson Platts

Munshiram rep. hb. most sensible on hand version, very legible printing, strong binding. vintage reference paintings

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Effective; to operate; to make an impression; to H ‫ اﭤﻴﺮن‬अटे रन aṭeran [S. m. , winder (for produced, to have effect (on, -meṅ); to prevail. thread), reel, distaff; spinning wheel (syn. A ‫ اﺛﻘﻞ‬as̤qal (comp. and super. of ‫ ﺛﻘﻴﻞ‬s̤aqīl), adj. ćarḵẖī), a weaver's reel or shuttle (syn. taklī); Heavier; heaviest, very heavy. the woof about the quill;—the lounge or circle A ‫ اﺛﻨﺎ‬as̤nā [pl. m. Lit. t.

One of the seven pātālas or divisions of the infernal regions; the portion immediately below the earth:—atal-sparśa, adj. (f. m. The infernal regions. 31 H ‫ اﺗﻞ‬अतुल atul, = S ‫ اﺗﻠﻴہ‬अतुल्य atulya, adj. (f. m. m. Self-destruction:—ātma-ghāt karnā, incalculable; unequalled; unequal; unparalleled. To commit suicide:—ātma-ghātak, adj. m. S ‫ اﺗﻠﻴہ‬अतुल्य atulya, = H ‫ اﺗﻞ‬अतुल atul, adj. (f. (f. -ikā), and ātma-ghātī, adj. m. (f. -inī), -ā), Not weighed; not weighable; immeasurable; Committing suicide; suicidal; a suicide, selfincalculable; unequalled; unequal; unparalleled.

M. f. Suicide (=ātma-ghāt):—ātma-han, and -hantā = ātmaor lāṛlā). v. S ‫ اﺗﻢ‬उ म uttam [superl. of उद्], adj. (f. f. = S ‫ ﺁﺗﻢ‬आत्म ātma first, most excellent, best, greatest; last; great; (used incomp. m. ) the first person. the body; the stomach; appetite:—ātmā param A ‫ اﺗﻢ‬atamm (compar. of ‫)ﺗﺎم‬, adj. m. The Supreme Spirit:—ātmā ṭhanḍī perfect or complete. n. m. The S ‫ ﺁﺗﻢ‬आत्म ātma (used in comp. f. f. m. m. n. m. m. m. SelfTo mortify the body; to cause pain (to), to conceit, arrogance, haughtiness:—ātmāafflict, inflict pain (on):—ātmā kalpānā, bhimānī, adj.

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