A book of angels by L. P.; Harry Houdini Collection (Library of Congress)

By L. P.; Harry Houdini Collection (Library of Congress)

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It is revealed that they will be as actively at work when it has run out its The angels indeed group predestined course. , on Mount Sinai, during the intensely our history delivery of the Law the Incarnate God. or during the earthly life of But the simplest view of to the Scripture assures us that, from the earliest latest epoch of man s destiny, these blessed and have a co-ordinate and co-extensive our part to play on the same stage of life, in which cast. are own lot and probation Moreover, this connection between angels and glorious beings men not a mere casual or extraordinary inter an position with human affairs, but is evidently is uniform appointment ordered and maintained on a Their movements are not mere acci settled plan.

X. 4. - Isaiah Ixiii. 9. A BOOK OF ANGELS 14 the Face or Presence, and not, as Moses feared it would be at one time, a created angel, who is tried and proved in the wilderness, 1 with Israel on who its It journey. at the threshold of the whose Presence goes is no other than He Land of Promise shows Himself before the walls of Jericho to Joshua as a man with a drawn sword in His hand, declaring Him be the captain of Jehovah s hosts. 2 As such proves Himself to be the Lord mighty in battle self to He on behalf of His people so long as they are true to His laws of righteousness and truth, and is seen in the vision of Isaiah to receive the worship of Seraphim as the Lord of Hosts.

Nothing can A BOOK OF ANGELS 26 be more naturally interwoven with the ordinary narrative of common events than a great proportion the angelic appearances recorded in the Old Testament Scriptures, such as the angel that ap of peared to Hagar l in the wilderness, or the went down to Sodom to rescue Lot those doomed 3 by the way. , excitement, when men are specially open to dream dreams, and indulge in exaggerations of idea and or periods of darker intel visionary conceptions ; when men ligence, cinations and are specially subject to hallu superstitious belief as to invisible The appearances of angels extend throughout the Scriptures.

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