4-Regular Vertex-Transitive Tilings of E^3 by Friedrichs O.D., Huson D.H.

By Friedrichs O.D., Huson D.H.

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2). In southern Thera, collapse truncated the wedge of Thera pyroclastics draped over, and plastered up against, the prevolcanic island and Early centres of Akrotiri Peninsula (Fig. 51). This accounts for the widespread inward dip of these units in the cliffs of southern Thera. At Athinios, landsliding during Minoan collapse exhumed the northwest cliff of the pre-volcanic island, leaving isolated remnants of the earliest Thera pyroclastics plastered onto the basement slopes. It seems likely that the three breaches of the present caldera formed during Minoan collapse.

Initial discharge of the pyroclastic flows must have involved a strong ballistic component, because the top of the underlying Plinian deposit is pock-marked with bomb sags (Fig. 26). The lithic breccia is also compositionally zoned, the vesicular component changing from rhyodacitic at the base to andesitic at the top. Lenses of non-welded ignimbrite (Unit B) occur below the breccia at many locations. One ignimbrite bed at Cape Perivola is welded and contains black obsidian fiamme. 4. The major explosive eruptions and their deposits Age ( k a ) Cycle Map symbol Eruption Unit [8] Deposit Thickness (m) 3,6 [1] 2 rp7 Minoan D C B A Non-welded ignimbrite and lithic breccia Massive phreatomagmatic tuff Base surges Plinian pumice 40 55 12 6 21 [2] 2 rp6 Cape Riva D C B A Incipiently welded ignimbrite Non-welded ignimbrite and lithic-lag breccia Incipiently to densely welded ignimbrite Pumice fall 25 12 4 2 2 ap5 Upper Scoriae 2 D C B A Scoria flow with agglomeratic and lithic-rich lag facies Scoria flow and pyroclastic surge Pyroclastic surge Pumice fall 50 16 3 1 2 ap4 Upper Scoriae 1 D C B A Scoria flow Agglomeratic and lithic-rich lag facies Scoria flow Scoria fall with base surge 1 12 4 4 2 ap4 Vourvoulos B A Ignimbrite and base surge Pumice fall 2 ap4 Middle Pumice C B A Pumice fall, in part welded Lithic-rich and agglomeratic lag facies.

Abundant blocks of dacite and dacitic hyaloclastite up to CHAPTER 3 45 Fig. 48. Minoan Tuff in the Akrotiri pumice quarry above Cape Therma. The Plinian pumice fall deposit of phase 1 of the eruption (P) is overlain by dune-bedded base-surge deposits of phase 2 (S). A thin veneer of ignimbrite from the pyroclastic flows of phase 4 (I) caps the sequence. The deposits of phase 3 are absent at this site. People for scale. 10 m in diameter occur in the phase 3 deposits. Deposits from eruptive phases 1 to 3 are combined as unit rp7a on the map.

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