20 Compelling Evidences That God Exists: Discover Why by Kenneth Boa

By Kenneth Boa

The most important philosophical, clinical, sociological, and ancient purposes for believing in God are provided truly and concisely. Why achieve this many of us think that there's a God who exists and seeks a courting with them? Remarkably, notwithstanding hundreds of thousands upon thousands do think in God, they can't supply a unmarried the reason is,. No ask yourself those that don't think God exists stay unconvinced-there's nobody to argue God's part. Now there's a source that tackles the main profound arguments from philosophy, technology, sociology, psychology, and background . . . and offers twenty transparent, concise, and compelling evidences that make religion in God-and particularly Jesus Christ-reasonable.

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But a nice environment is no guarantee that life will exist. The more scientists have learned about the origin of life on Earth, the more difficulties they have encountered explaining that origin as a natural, random event. Fifty, even twenty-five years ago, many scientists were confident that the origin of life on Earth could be explained as the result of purely natural, unguided processes. The conventional scenario went like this: After the Earth cooled down from the heat of its initial formation, a long period of time (perhaps a billion or two billion years) passed before life emerged.

And David M. Ciocchi, eds. Christian Perspectives on Being Human: A Multidisciplinary Approach to Integration. Grand Rapids: Baker, 1993. A stimulating collection of essays defending and exploring the Christian view of human nature. 9 THE EVIDENCE OF THE BIBLE’S RELIABILITY The general reliability of the Bible’s text and major “story line” is not in question. o far we have considered evidence for God’s existence that is in principle accessible to everyone. While this evidence gives us good reasons to believe that a God exists, it doesn’t tell us exactly who God is or what He wants.

This doesn’t mean, generally, that pantheists deny that nations wage wars or that spouses cheat on each other. Rather, pantheists usually explain that we view such occurrences as evil because we assume that the material world is real and that what happens to our bodies is important. For pantheists, especially in the context of Eastern religions, these assumptions are questionable. Any reality that pantheists accord to the material world is derivative and dependent upon the unseen spiritual reality in which we are all one, in which we are all divine, and in which we are all good.

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