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Things I Point At — I like taking pictures. I also like pointing at things.

Things I Point At

I like taking pictures. I also like pointing at things.

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OMG Where Have I Been For 2 Years???/??

May 17th, 2010 · No Comments

Hello Internet,I am glad to see that you are still here. I have been absent for 2 years, I don’t have a worthy excuse, my parents are ashamed of me and you should be as well. I have travelled quite a bit, spent 2.5 years with a company before recently moving onto a new job, oh, and I also got married. But the most important thing that I did was tour the dugout of the Washington Nationals, OMG, lookout:

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merry christmas/happy new year

January 4th, 2008 · 1 Comment

hey internet, been a while i know….work has been keeping me super busy, then of course the holidays came and went.  well, the good news is that i finally got a new digital camera, courtesy of shannon:

kodak digital camera

the great news is that i can finally start pointing at things again, the freedom that this brings is unmatched.  the past few months have been a dark period for me, each day there are so many things that i can point at, but without a camera, how would any of you ever know that i indeed pointed at something?

shannon also got me madden 08 for wii…..thus far it has proven to be impossible to play, but it’s fun:

madden 2008

vince young is on the cover, which means he will get an std within the next months, that is scary to think about internet!

the saturday before christmas i went to my buddy luke’s place, and guess what, he got christmas gifts too!!!1!!  have you ever heard of this awesome game called “rock band”?  yeah, it’s pretty cool, and we all had a great time playing, bonding, and giving thanks to santa clause and technology:

playing rock band

well, here’s to a new year that will see many changes, internet.  i promise that i will keep you more up to date on what’s going on in my life…..i love you internet, happy new year.

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birthday dinner

December 17th, 2007 · 2 Comments

hi internet, did you have a good weekend? i sure did, shannon and i attended my companies holiday party on friday evening, it was fun, then saturday we went to a pub crawl during the day and had my buddy sean’s christmas party in the evening. last thursday we went to a birthday party for my buddy nate, i wish i could call him nathan, but he hates that name, so i stick to nate. nate invited some friends to karl strauss for some grub and drinks, i passed on the grub, but a had a few tasty pints. i was encouraged to see that US American pride is alive and strong, ad the moist towelettes that karl strauss gives out are adorned with the US American flag… now, when it’s time to wash off your hands after a hearty meal, you are reminded of just how awesome US America is, check it out internet:

american wetnaps

this picture was taken with nate’s iphone, since my camera is still broken. yeah, i know internet, i know have to depend on other people to point at things and send them to me to write about. i sure hope that something good arrives for me at christmas time!

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crap i need a new camera

December 13th, 2007 · 1 Comment

hey there internet, it sure has been hard to contribute to this blog without a digital camera to snap all that things i point at.  i point at soooo many things, but now i have no proof of any of it… is still going well though, work is going great so far, i am so busy, but it’s a good kind of busy.  christmas is right around the corner, that’s always a fun time of year, do you have big plans for christmas this year internet?  i am staying here, shannon is going back home to new hampshire, i will be spending a few days dogsitting for some friends, should be fun.  i plan on cleaning out my closets once and for all, i have so much stuff that i don’t wear or use, it’s just taking up space and could benefit someone who needs it more than me.  i plan on this being a quiet holiday season, lots of good football games going on, work will keep me busy, the dogs will be great companions….life could be much worse.  i will definitely be using our fireplace more than a few times over the next few weeks, nothing beats having a nice cozy fire, throwing on some comfy sweats and watching a movie.  of, you didn’t know that i had a fireplace, internet?  yeah, i managed to snap a picture of it a few weeks before my camera decided that it hated me, take a looksy:

fire place

yeah, that’s real wood, and yeah, that’s my real hand.  cheers, internet!

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more thanksgiving

November 30th, 2007 · No Comments

good evening internet, as I said before, my camera broke, so i am still using old photos, had some great ones from thanksgiving………here is the close up look of that nasty cold sore on pete’s face:

cold sore

that thing is the size of a small tropical island, and just as dry.  sean thought he would be a wiseguy and point at himself while i was pointing at him, he was way off, he looks like a total jerk:

stealing my thunder

feeling rejected for thinking he could point as well as me and looking like a jerk, sean walked away, sad:

dead man walking

this is what thanksgiving dinner looked like, well, this is what the plate i ate on looked like after such a great meal:

thanksgiving dinner plate

ugh, bare with me internet, new camera will be here before you even know it……..i hope.  i love you internet.

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thanksgiving 2007 drawn out a bit

November 28th, 2007 · No Comments

hi internet, bad news…… camera broke.  i took it to my friends parents house on thanksgiving, it worked all night long, then the next day when i went to turn it on, it just wouldn’t budge.  fortunately, i was able to grab the pictures already on there, but taking pictures is now not possible :-(  to repair the camera would cost me about $100, so i am just going to buy a new one in the next few weeks, until i will use some old stock photos that i never put up on this blog, so don’t worry, the content wont stop just because my camera did.

so, as i said, spent thanksgiving at my buddies sean and pete’s parents home in escondido, they just moved out here from new york, great people.  we were raced with a celebrity, our friend jarett, who was seen on this season of mtv’s “the hills”:


he is a nice guy internet!  shannon and i made some spinach dip, there was a lot of food there, but here was our contribution:

spincah dip

our friend pete contributed plenty of jokes and his recently acquired cold sore:

cold sore

it’s hard to see there, but it’s there, trust me!  all in all it was a great thanksgiving, and in honor of the 12 days of christmas and my lack of a working camera, i am going to upload more pictures throughout the week!  happy thanksgiving internet!

btw, if any of you have seen the 2 chicks, 1 cup video, please start up a support group for all of us, i am scarred for life.

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an early thanksgiving and a horrible will ferrell movie

November 21st, 2007 · No Comments

hey internet, wut up yo!  shannon and I went up to Saratoga to stay at my Uncle Bill’s this past weekend, my brother was out here to attend a wedding, so we decided to head up as well and celebrate turkey day a little early.  During the meal I sort of forgot to point at things and take pictures, but I did happen to catch a snapshot of my brother piling some food on his plate:

thanksgiving dinner

It was a great trip indeed, always good to spend a holiday with family, something that I don’t get to do all that often since we moved out to San Diego.

When we got back, a movie was awaiting us from Netflix.  What’s that, you don’t know what Netflix is?  Well, here is what the return envelope looks like, I don’t feel like getting all into into an explanation, you’re the internet, you should know what Netflix is:


the movie that I got from Netflix was Blades of Glory, starring Will Ferrell and Napoleon Dynamite.  I am a huge Will Ferrell fan, and I thought that Nappy Dyno was hysterical, so I thought it would be safe to assume that together, these 2 would produce some insanely funny stuff.  I was way off.  They took a funny topic, men’s figure skating, and proceeded to bore me for nearly 2 hours…sure, there were a few funny parts, but at no point do I keel over in laughter like I usually do.  Oh well, not every movie can be a smash hit, but be warned out there, if any of you see this DVD laying around, run for the hills!

blades of glory

I hope your thanksgiving is filled with happiness, and I hope your DVD players never have to have such evil put inside them.  That sounds dirty.

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holy crap it’s like Christmas!!1!!

November 13th, 2007 · No Comments

why hello internet.  I have been super duper busy lately, the new job is awesome, keeping me busy which is good.  I have recently been receiving a lot of gifts, and now that we are entering the holiday season, I figured it would be best to share some of my new additions.  To start off, my dad was out here a few weeks ago, and he gave me his set of golf clubs, they aren’t that old, in really good shape, so I guess now I will become an old, rich, white grumpy man, and start whacking balls all over the place:

golf clubs

I also met with some folks from Yahoo, they came into the office to chat with us, and of course, they brought some schwag, I got this cool water bottle:

water bottle

please pay no attention the the unicorn folder you see there….um, Shannon thought it would be funny to use that folder to hold all the crap we get from wedding vendors, so whenever we go to meet with them, they see the unicorn folder and assume we are 8 years old, hooray!

Anyhoo, I also got this cool t-shirt from the fine folks at Yahoo:

yahoo shirt

I like free stuff a lot, it’s way better than not getting free stuff.  I did open up the old wallet and splurged on this little treat:

nerf gun

That there is a high-powered nerf gun….the folks at work like to have nerf fights from time to time, and I had to defend myself, so far no one has messed with me, but it’s good to know that I am well prepared.

Last but not least, my dog Lucy has been on a wonderful humping kick, she is humping the sh*t out of anything and everything, and I caught her recently giving Shannon’s leg some much needed loving:

dog humping

it’s nice to know that my pooch has such good taste.  Life is good, and it’s better with gifts.

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nintendo wii

October 30th, 2007 · No Comments

Hello internet, how are you tonight?  I just have to tell you a bit more about my new toy, I bought a nintendo wii a few weeks ago, and it has been so much fun to have.  So far I only have the 1 game that came with it, wii sports, but I have rented 2 games, NBA Live ‘08 and Tiger Woods ‘08……..NBA Live was impossible, I hurt myself trying to play, so I don’t think I will be buying that one, but Tiger Woods is amazing.  To actually take part in the game is surreal, I keep forgetting that I am not Tiger himself….everytime I see him on TV now, I yell “Look, it’s me”, but it’s not.  For those of you who aren’t familiar with the system, the wii looks like this:

nintendo wii

pretty unassuming I know, it just sort of fits next to my router like it’s no big deal, but listen up internet, it’s a HUGE deal.  I appreciate the fact that I can play with Shannon and she enjoys herself too.  Oh, you want to know what the controllers look like:

wii controllers

Yeah, they sort of look like old school cell phones, only they aren’t, they are better.   A few times I have tried talking into one of the controllers like a dictaphone, but it doesn’t record what I’m saying.  This game system was hard to come by, but if you find yourself in a store and see a box that looks like this:

wii box

do not hesitate, pick it up and buy it, inside there is a wii.  Do you hear me?  This box contains the greatest video game system of all time.  Buy it, and watch how your friends suddenly want to be around you more, and your loved ones will you love you just a bit more.  In short, wii = happy.

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feeling professional

October 29th, 2007 · 1 Comment

Hello internet, guess what?  You guessed right, your boy Liam got his set of business cards from the new job.  What’s that, you jealous?  Well, you should be.  Been at the new job for 2 weeks and I already have some tools/materials to help spread the word, here is a picture of one of the new cards below:

business cards

Now, compare this card to my previous business cards:

old business card

As you can see, my new business cards have ink and paper, as opposed to being part of my countertop.  Isn’t it weird how a small, trivial thing like business cards can make you feel good?  Yeah, I am happy so far at my new job, the people all seem really intelligent and driven.  When I show up each morning I feel like I have a big role to play, and that sense of importance feels great and totally validates all the hard work that the job will require.  My happiness is best exhibited by the following picture:

smiley face

Yeah, that’s a smiley face…..and yeah, those are Trader Joe’s brownie bites in the background, they are delicious.

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